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Biography Retribution

There are several artists under the name Retribution:

1) A Dutch Death/Thrash metal band.

2) A nationalist rock / hatecore band from Israel, simular to Сионизм.

3) A Polish Thrash metal band (1st LP "Made In Hell" released by Empire Records in 2006).

4) A German Death/Trash Metal band from Frankonia


5) A political protest collaboration by Lol Hammond & Charlie Hall (Drum Club), Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy (System 7) and Dave Watts (Fun-Da-Mental).

6) Split-up brutal death/grind band from Slovakia with one self release album Inhuman and one concert

7) Death metal band from Serbia

8) Pre-Atreyu band, that released one demo tape in 1997/1998.

9) RAC/Metal band from Germany.

10) Hardcore band from Detroit, MI. Formed in June 2010.